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Mac And Cool

Please click on the pictures below to find some product lines that you might be interested in:

Do you dread taking your toddler into the bathroom at the mall or a fast food restaurant? Worry no more! Place disposable Potty Mitts on your child's hands and kids are protected from anything they touch. Potty Mitts even keep liquids from penetrating through. And, kids love to wear them! $4.59

The Mac & Cool Quick Cooling Dish is a parent's best friend in the kitchen! No more blowing on hot food. Just place a child's serving in the frozen dish and it begins cooling instantly without diluting the food. Food is presented quickly to those impatient little ones, making dinnertime a peaceful experience once again! It can also keep ice cream or picnic salads cold, even on a hot summer day. $5.99

The only Non-Spill cup! The Snack Trap allows little hands to get the goods without the mess.  When the hands are removed from the cup, the flaps of the soft plastic lid close keeping the snack inside!  Perfect for home or in the car. $4.99

A sippy cup tether! The Drink Deputy tethers your child's bottle or sippy cup to their car seat, high chair or stroller so thrown cups are never lost. Bottles won't fall to the floor and get dirty and the child can easily retrieve their own cup in the car! $9.99